About The Feed Center Free Clinic
The Feed Center Medical Health Clinic is proud to serve the medical needs of
Peach and surrounding county residents.
As a County wide provider, The Free Medical Clinic provides
comprehensive after hour appointment based health care services to the working
uninsured offering an array of services.
Our greatest resource as a health care
provider is our people – the volunteers
that work daily to provide care,
concern and support for the patients
we serve and their families. They work
along with out volunteer physicians
and our Volunteer Auxiliaries to carry
out our mission of providing
patient-focused, high quality and
cost-effective services while promoting
health and wellness to improve the health care of our community.

We strive to carry out our mission of providing patient-focuses, high quality, cost-
effective care while improving the health of the communities we serve.

We are proud of our efforts as a health care provider, we expect to serve over
5000 people each year through our free clinic services. In addition to the care we
provide for our patients, we are also a major resource to our community. Each
day, our volunteer staff, physicians continue the toward Service Excellence with a
commitment to Quality, Service, People, Growth and Finance. We look forward to
continuing to meet the demands and challenges of our growing community as we
strive for excellence in health care services.