Evangelist Al & Mrs. Chywana Sanders
Evangelist Al & Mrs. Chywana Sanders
A native of Fort Valley, Georgia, Al met his future bride, Chywana Collins, in 1988 while stationed at Tyndall
Air Force Base in Chywana's hometown of Panama City, Florida. They entered into holy matrimony in
February 1990, which led to three lovely children, Arielle, Alex, and Ariahna.  Under the awesome teaching of
Elder Theresa Black, Al and Chywana rededicated their lives to Jesus Christ while stationed in the United
Kingdom at New Beginnings International. While there, Al served as Outreach Minister and Chywana faithfully
served in the children’s ministry.  
Upon Al’s retirement from the military, he and Chywana sought spiritual guidance and were lead to return to
the Middle Georgia community with their three children.  It was then that they were lead to dedicating their
resources in developing an effective prevention and intervention strategy capable of regenerating a sense of
value in individuals undergoing substance abuse crisis, while struggling to restore their everyday life. Al and
Chywana have dedicated their life to fulfilling Jesus’ commandment to go and make disciples (Matthew 28:19).