Student Transition & Mentoring Program
Feed Center Outreach Ministry's STAMP program's mentoring component seeks
to guide at-risk male youth in acheiving optimal phycho-social levels as exhibited
through model, socially prescribed attitudes and behaviors
To Develop a one on one and group mentoring program for at-risk youth who
exhibit attitudinal and behavioral traits that foreshadow socio-economic stagnacy
and immobility
Research has produced formal results that conclude with clear and encouraging
evidence that continuous caring relationships between adults and youth
facilitated by mentoring programs of integrity can result in marked improvements
in deficient youth behavior. Feed Center Outreach Ministry's STAMP Program's
mentoring components seeks to model such programs and help youth accomplish
meassurable improvemnts in the following areas:
  • Acdemic progression to include school attendance
  • Competency levels to include self-esteem
  • Drug & alcohol awareness
  • Spritual character & integrity
  • Youth Services